Green Patrol of Russia Releases Regions Environmental Rating

23 апреля 2008, 15:26
14 regions were found environmentally unsafe.

VLADIVOSTOK. April 23. VOSTOK MEDIA – Green Patrol of Russia released the national environmental rating of 75 territorial entities. 14 regions of them were found environmentally unsafe.
“The rating was held for the first time. It estimated 75 regions of Russia in accordance with 15 criteria. The results were summed up in three basic spheres – ecological, technological and social one. The general rating was made on the base of these three spheres,” Vyacheslav Fyodorov, top specialist of Green Patrol and main creator of the rating said.
One of the project managers pitifully remarked there were no environmentally safe regions in Russia. The list of 14 dirtiest territorial entities included the Leningrad Oblast, Zabaykalsky Krai, Kurgan, Sverdlovsk, Kemerovo and Chelyabinsk Oblast.
Altai and Altai Krai entered the list of 9 ‘relatively environmentally safe’ regions. Moscow took 52nd place in the rating, Primorsky Krai – 12th, Yakutia (Sakha) Republic – 15th, Kamchatka– 28th, Chukotka – 83rd.