Posted 24 апреля 2008, 05:05

Published 24 апреля 2008, 05:05

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Over 12 500 Hectares of Forests Burning in Primorye

24 апреля 2008, 05:05
People’s carelessness is the main cause.

VLADIVOSTOK. April 23. VOSTOK MEDIA – The Primorsky Krai Avian Security Service informs 68 forest fires are raging in the Primorsky Krai on the gross area of 12 584,5 hectares. 27 fires covering the area of 5 576 ha. were isolated. People’s activity and economy facilities are not under the threat. 562 people were mobilized for fire suppression. The Head Department of the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry reports that one of the large-scale fires is on the territory of Chuguevsky region forestry, Beresovsky area. The fire was found in April 16 and its area was 4 ha. For today the area is 1000 ha. The fire cause was the violation of safety regulations by local inhabitants.
On April 22 the board for emergency situations and fire safety of Chuguevsky district took a decision about involving the Emergency Ministry forces and engaging people to combat fires. There is no threat for people because of natural barriers – the Ussuri and Izvilinka rivers.
The main cause of wildfires is the violation of safety regulations by people. But there are some additional causes: agricultural burning, dry warm weather about 28 degrees above zero.