Posted 17 июля 2008,, 05:37

Published 17 июля 2008,, 05:37

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Poison in the Sea

17 июля 2008, 05:37
This is not the first catching a poisonous tropical fish in the sea

VLADIVOSTOK. 17 July. VOSTOK-MEDIA. On last weekends a poisonous tropical fish was caught in the Tavaisa Bay.
On Saturday, July, 12, Sergey and his friend went fishing in the Tavaisa Bay.
-The Bay is shallow and the weather was extremely hot. The water warmed up well. We had to move to deeper waters to find an appropriate depth for fishing, - tells Sergey, - Finally, we had to start catching at the 9-10 m depth. First we were getting different fish: flounder, navaga and etc. We were fishing near the sea bottom; squid was our bait.
-Around noon we caught that fish. While catching it we saw it inflated. That is why we thought it could be a porcupine fish or toadfish. Most of fish of this kind are poisonous. So, we didn’t even think to take it as food. I knew that was fugue only at home when found it in the Internet and compared a fish with pictures.
Fish itself is very bright with a blue back and grey-blue stripes on it; fin is orange and yellow, its belly is white. This fish has no scales but all the back and belly are spiniferous.
- It is not the first time this summer we catch something like that, - notes Sergey, - Around three weeks ago my friends went fishing without me and caught something like that in the water of the Ricardo Island. That fish looked a bright tropical one. They let it go. But this one we decided to keep as thought somebody could make a mistake and take it as food.