OMON Riot Police “Zubr” Did not Recognize Friendly Officers

24 декабря 2008, 13:35
Several police officers were hit by the OMON

VLADIVOSTOK. December, 24. VOSTOK-MEDIA – According to the unverified information 4 police officers with plain clothes on were hit during the protest action, where OMON riot police were beating peaceful citizens who were just walking at the central square of Vladivostok city. This event took place on December, 21.
A law-enforcement authority reported that one of these police officers had his arm broken.
“Moscow OMON was just catching each and all near them. Authorities are trying to conceal this fact now and most likely there would be no further investigation. We all were shocked by the actions of the OMON and most of the police officers are on the side with the victims of this absurd incident.” –says the authority.