Far Eastern Tanker Repels an Attack of Pirates

21 апреля 2009, 14:51
Pirates failed to capture a tanker in the Gulf of Aden

VLADIVOSTOK. April 21. VOSTOK-MEDIA – Pirates have failed to capture a vessel in the Gulf of Aden.
Last Saturday the crew of the tanker Handytankers Magic spotted a floating vessel not far from the tanker. Then a white boat got off the vessel and rushed to the tanker. There were four pirates on the board of the boat. There were preparing a ladder for landing. The alarm was declared on the tanker and the crew of the tanker put on a special protective mechanism and began maneuvering.
Soon after, there was a shot from the grenade launcher from the side of the boat. The grenade fell at the board of the tanker but it did not explode. After the failed shot the pirates decided to give up attacking the ship and returned to their vessel-base. The captain and crew members – the residents of Russian Far East - were not injured.