‘Month of Silence’ Begins in Natural Reserves of Kamchatka

23 апреля 2009, 14:47
Visiting of habitat of animals and birds is strongly prohibited as well as any other activities in the territory

PETROPAVLOVSK-KAMCHATSKIY. April 23. VOSTOK-MEDIA - The ‘Month of Silence’ begins in natural reserves of Kamchatka.
The ‘Month of Silence’ is being held annually at the territory of all natural reserves of Kamchatka region. It is implemented in Komandorskiy, Koryakskiy and Kronotskiy natural reserves during the period of their offspring hatching by law protected animals and birds. The measure is aimed at preventing people’s intrusion in the habitat of those animals hatching their offspring.
Thus, at the territory of Komandorskiy reserve the ‘Month of silence’ is being implemented from April 15 till May 25. During this time majority of colonial birds build their nests and hatch their nestlings. At the same time appear fox puppies and fawns.