Posted 29 июля 2009,, 08:09

Published 29 июля 2009,, 08:09

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Missing 5-year Boy Found Safe After Nine Days

29 июля 2009, 08:09
He was found in the same place he got lost 9 days ago

VLADIVOSTOK. July 29. VOSTOK-MEDIA – A 5-year-old boy, that got lost in the street on July 19, was found alive and unhurt. Primorsky Krai investigating authorities initiated criminal proceedings concerning the loss of the 5-year old Roman Kukovitsi. The fact that a large-scale search operation has been unsuccessful constituted a ground for institution of criminal proceedings.
Yesterday boy was found in the same place he got lost 9 days ago, reported Vladivostok Directorate of Internal Affairs. Witnesses say that an unknown woman drove him in a white car up to the house and left him there. The boy was neatly dressed, was not hungry and did not show any signs of fright or anxiety.
According to the police officials, the boy has a difficult family. The termination of parental rights will be considered within the next couple of days. As to the boy, he is neither able to tell anything comprehensible about his leaving the yard nor about the place he has stood in for 9 days nor about the unknown woman in view of his little age.