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Transneft to Estimate Impact of VSTO Pipeline on Environment

1 апреля 2008, 11:37Общество
Public hearings shall be held in the localities through which the pipeline will be laid.

VLADIVOSTOK. April 1. VOSTOK MEDIA – The Transneft oil company has launched estimation of the impact on the environment caused by the second part of the VSTO (East Siberia – Pacific Ocean) pipeline, said in a company’s statement.
Public hearings will be held in the localities through which the pipeline will be laid. All the proposals and notes of the hearings’ participants will be accurately analyzed and taken into account during the project’s construction.
“The environmental security of infrastructure objects and rational use of natural resources are the top priorities of Transneft in construction of the pipeline. During the construction and in future operation of the pipeline the company will implement a number of measures that shall guarantee security of the project,” – the statement says.
According to the preliminary project the pipeline will be laid through the territories of the Amur and Jewish Autonomous Oblast. The route crosses more than 70 water objects including the Amur River. The pipeline will be laid 15 km from a drinking water deposit and will not harm the unique environmental object.

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