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Russians Do not Understand Causes of Inflation

1 июля 2008, 13:27Общество
The majority of Russian citizens can not explain the cause of inflation

VLADIVOSTOK. July 1. VOSTOK MEDIA - The last poll shows that the majority of Russian citizens consider that the price increase for consumer goods are too high but they can not explain the cause of such a fact.
According to the poll held by the All-Russia Public Opinion Research Center 55 % of Russians can not indicate any cause of inflation, 8% of respondents consider that the increase of oil prices is the main cause of inflation. 7% accuse ineffective actions of authorities. Merchants greed, market monopolization are indicated as inflation factor by 5% of respondents. 4% accuse import and 3% – world economic crisis. And only 1% of respondents are sure that the cause is the increase of salaries and compensations.
The esteem of the inflation process is the following. 65% consider that such a growth is inadmissible, 20 % consider that the growth is high but it is cause by objective reasons, and only 5% of respondents are sure that this is natural instability of prices.
The answers for the last questions depend on financial position. Who indicate their financial position as very good and good say that inflation is possible. Who indicate their financial position as bad and very bad don not consider so.