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Bigball In Blagoveshensk

1 сентября 2008, 17:35Общество
Super ball of the city is the second in Russia

BLAGOVESHENSK. 1 September. VOSTOK-MEDIA. At the Lenin Square in Blagoveshensk will be held competition in new kind of sports with no name yet. Bigball is its name possible name. Team includes 8-10 people who play with a big ball trying to kick it in gates of another team. Super ball of Blagoveshensk is the second if Russia. The first one is in Moscow. City sports committee purchased this ball in China for 20.000 roubles. Its weight is 4 kg but in inflated form it is 7 kg. In diameter, the ball is 2.5 m, which increases height of an average person. That is why only a group of people can play this ball. So as to kick the ball it will take 3 people. Anyone can sign in to play bigball.