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Snowfall coming to Vladivostok

2 декабря 2011, 00:00Общество
The weekend will not be easy

VLADIVOSTOK.  December 1. VOSTOK MEDIA - Ahead are the first winter weekends. They promise to be snowy.
Tomorrow in the East China Sea cyclone will be born. Saturday night  cyclone will go to the  south of Japan Sea. During the day, Dec. 3, it will move in a northeasterly direction, rapidly deepening. Its path will lie near the western coast of the Japanese islands. Cyclone brings with it a large supply of moisture and heat. This time, the cyclone will pass east of Primorye.  In the morning and afternoon there is a small chance of snow in the coastal region. In Vladivostok Chance of snow, but the probability of it is not 100%. In the coastal districts of the region will increase the north wind, gusting up to 18-23 m / sec.