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Fishery Season on Kurils to Be or not to Be?

2 июля 2008, 13:22Общество
The regional fishery committee reported that the cause is absence of normative acts

YUZHNO-SAKHALINSK. July 2. VOSOTK MEDIA – Summer fishing season is under the threat of failure.
The governor Sergey Karepkin reported that the regional fishery committee had approved zones and volumes of catching.
In some areas there were no catching zones but this is the obligatory condition of fishery quotas. To solve this problem, manufacturers from the Kurils wanted to cooperate with their colleagues from Sakhalin which had fishing zones and the right for catching.
The regional fishery committee supported such a form of cooperation but the decision is not satisfied by the Regional Russian Fishery. The agency reported that the cause is absence of normative acts.
According to Karepkin the Regional Administration make all what is possible not to frustrate fishery season on the Northern Kurils.