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Scientists Found Gene Responsible for Addiction to Alcohol, Drugs and Smoking Tobacco

2 сентября 2009, 15:49Общество
In their research the scientists used genetic data collected from about 3,627 people

VLADIVOSTOK. September 1. VOSTOK-MEDIA – Scientists have determined the genes responsible for excessive alcohol consumption as well as nicotine and drug addiction.

It is not only an adverse social environment to blame for addiction to alcohol or drugs as well as smoking tobacco but also is a result of activity of various genes. Recent researches have already identified genes responsible for only one type of addiction, be it the nicotine, narcotics or alcohol addiction, reported Russky Newsweek daily.

A group of scientists of Yale School of Public Health led by Ph.D. Heping Zhang have endeavored to determine the genes responsible for the broader proclivity of people to abuse various substances. According to the scientists such gene activity patterns may be found among those people who have at least two kinds of addiction from among six types of addiction: nicotine, alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, and opiates or any other kinds of addictive substances.

In their research the scientists used genetic data collected from about 3,627 people, who were registered in a special databank following the nationwide genetic research. This database contains information on diagnosis and signs of addiction of the people in question. The analysis results showed that there is a link between drug or alcohol abuse and activity of PKNOX2 gene found among American woman with European ancestry. In addition, it is impossible to detect a link to this gene by analyzing one type of addiction.

According to the authors of the research article, this scientific study underlines the necessity of integral study of such a phenomenon as alcohol, drug and tobacco smoking addiction, despite all efforts to study addiction to just one kind of narcotic substances.