Oleg Khramov: Vladivostok is a future Centre of International Trade

Oleg Khramov: Vladivostok is a future Centre of International Trade

2 октября 2008, 13:10
Bureaucracy is a drawback in relations with foreign counterparts and must be removed

VLADIVOSTOK. 2 October. VOSTOK-MEDIA. In order to make Vladivostok a centre of international trade in the Asian Pacific region It is necessary to remove bureaucratic barriers, said coordinator of small and medium business public organization “Supporting Russia” Oleg Khramov. He said that he decided to take participation in the economic forum because he knows all problems of trade relations with foreign countries that the Russian Far East faces. His organization “Supporting Russia” deals with establishing of business relations in the APR.

In the report “Relevant Problems in International Trade Relations with the Asian Pacific Countries” Mr. Khramov discussed problems that are relevant nowadays in Russian economy and suggested constructive decisions.

One of the problems is, so called, “brain drain” at the Russian Far East. It happens because of of low local market and custom capacity and lack of investmen. Mr. Khramov supposes that this problem must be curbed on the federal level.

Oleg Khramov considers Vladivostok as a future international trade centre. During recent years Vladivostok hosted various international conferences, forums, meetings. This trend tells that Vladivostok is gradually becoming a centre of international trade, though, now only potentially.

According to Mr. Khramov, renewal of economic and political role of the Russian Far East takes a lot of effort of federal government and local authorities working together.

“The most important thing is enhancing relations with our foreign colleagues from the APR. This is one of the issuees that economic forum in Vladivostok addresses in its first turn”, - said Mr. Khramov.

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