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Because of forest fire emergency situation persists in four regions of the Amur area

3 мая 2013, 21:47Общество
700 specially trained people and local residents are fighting the fire

Blagoveshchensk. May 3. VOSTOK-MEDIA - The fire season in full swing. One day in the region have been reported 40 outbreaks of fires. Throughout the region, there are special fire mode, and Mazanovsky, Zeya, and Seleindzinski Arkhara areas - the state of emergency.With nearly 700 fire fighting personnel parachute fire department, forest protection, emergency help and locals. It has more than 100 task forces units. In particular, the biplane An-2, Mi-8 helicopters and two military transport aircraft Il-76. Latest on the orders of Sergei Shoigu, the Department of Defense.