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Leopard In Sakhalin

3 декабря 2008, 14:59Общество
Leopard Sandra from Krasnoyarsk has been delivered to Sakhalin. Sandra is the fourth cat in the central Sakhalin Zoo

YUZHNO-SAKHALIN. 3 December. VOSTOK-MEDIA. The Sakhalin Zoo has welcomed a new animal, the leopard Sandra. Sandra has come from the Krasnoyarsk Zoo on December, 1.
Sandra’s way has taken 8 hours, now she is refusing any food and getting used to a new place. Visitors are expected to see her in two days. Sandra is 9 years old and the fourth cat in the Sakhalin Zoo. There are one tiger and two bobcats. In spring other cats will be delivered from Krasnoyarsk. These are one puma and one bobcat.
The Sakhalin and Krasnoyarsk Zoos exchange the animals. This time a Steller’s sea eagle was sent to Krasnoyarsk in return. This exchange is relative: the zoos have to buy animals on the zoo’s expenses or their sponsors’ones.

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