There will be new signs on the roads of Vladivostok

4 апреля 2012, 21:26Общество
They can be seen in all areas of the city

VLADIVOSTOK. April 4. VOSTOK MEDIA – In Vladivostok, there is intensive work on the replacement and maintenance of traffic signs. The renovation of the road infrastructure are conducted daily in all parts of the city.New signs 5.19.1 and 5.19.2 ("crosswalk") installed on the street Dobrowolski, 27, Tereshkova, Narodni Prospect, 48/1. Badge 6.6 "underpass" has been updated to Partizansk Avenue, 20. In the area of the sign Semyonovskaya 3.13 "height limitation", which prohibits the movement of vehicles, overall height greater than 3.5 meters. Sign 1.23 "Children" is set to Tobolsk, 27, and 2.4 "yield" - at the intersection of Slavic and Makhalina.

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