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Russian-Japanese Cable System Put on Commercial Operation

4 июля 2008, 12:23Общество
Transtelekom Company and Japanese global communication provider NTT Communications announce about that event

TOKIO, MOSCOW. July 4. VOSTOK MEDIA – Close Joint Stock Company Transtelekom (TTK) the leading Russian communication provider and Japanese global communication provider NTT Communications (NTT Com) announce about commercial exploitation of HSCS (Hokkaido-Sakhalin Cable System, cable system Sakhalin-Hokkaido), underwater cable system connecting companies nets Nevelsk (Sakhalin) – Isikari (Hokkaido).
The press service of TTK reports that the construction of cable system Sakhalin-Hokkaido was provided by TTK and NTT Com in 2007 and was finished in December. The length of HSCS is 570 km, capacity is 640 gigabit per second. The usage of HSCS and ТТК net allows NTT Com transmit information from Japan to Europe though the shortest way.
For ТТК the launch of HSCS is an opportunity to enlarge the possibilities of EurasiaHighway.
Thanks to HSCS possibilities, ТТК can provide its customers and partners with telecommunication service.