The largest building in the world was built in China

4 июля 2013, 22:51Общество
Theres even artificial sun

Khabarovsk. July 4. VOSTOK-MEDIA - 500 meters long, 400 wide and 100 high, the area - 1.76 million square meters. These are the dimensions TheNewCenturyGlobalCenter. This building was built in the Chinese province of Sichuan, writes of the largest building which is three times the U.S. Pentagon and can accommodate 20 Sydney Opera House. The largest building in the world will be offices, shopping centers, a 14-screen cinema IMAX, ice skating rink and several hotels. In the center is a huge water park Paradise Island. Inside the building, covered with glass panels, the microclimate and there is even their own artificial sun.

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