Alexandr Tkalin: Garbage Problem Is Transboundary

4 декабря 2008, 15:13Общество
Alexandr Tkalin: garbage problem in Primorye is the transboundary issue. First of all, it is necessary to scale down an amount of garbage in Primorye

VLADIVOSTOK. 4 December. VOSTOK-MEDIA. A problem of polluted sea has become a problem of the whole world, said Mr. Tkalin.
“The oceans are getting more and more polluted. All countries are concerned with this problem. In the framework of the III International Ecological Forum “Nature Without Boundaries” delegations discussed this issue. Several reports were told on the issue, the exhibition “Ecology and Rational Nature Management” displaced certain materials related to the issue”, said Mr. Tkalin.
As Coordinator of the UN Program on Marine Environment in Northwest Pacific said, Primorskiy Krai can handle the problem decreasing amounts of garbage and pollution, closing the dump on Gornostay and implementing garbage processing plants.
“At the Forum I spoke about the pollution problem in Northwest Pacific where we face not only polluted waters but also oil spillages in the ocean and dangerous emission in the air”, said Mr. Tkalin.
Alexandr Tkalin thinks the reported theme of the forum is the salient issue nowadays. “Nature Without Boundaries” means that the reported problems are transfrontier. Say, pollution from China can reach Primorian shores, Japanese or Korean. Ocean streams can transmit pollution and garbage from Korea to Japan and back. That is why it was so important that delegation from other countries such as Korea, Mongolia, China, and Vietnam participated in, said Mr. Tkalin.
The III Ecological Forum took place in Vladivostok in November, 2008. There were as many as 600 participants representing authorities, business, and scientist communities. There were 120 reports aimed at discussing different ecological issues. At the final session delegations passed a resolution.
Alexandr Tkalin is a coordinator of the ecological programs in the Russian Far East. For many years Mr. Tkalin has been a coordinator of the UN Program on Marine Environment in Northwest Pacific Ocean Part.
At the plenary meeting Alexandr Tkalin reported about inter governmental cooperation on sea environment protection and coastal management in Northwest Pacific Ocean Part.

Full text of the report see in "ECHO-DV"

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