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"Not in your lifetime" stated Vladimir Putin commenting on proposal to drop politics

4 декабря 2009, 20:13Общество
During the annual question-and-answer session Russian Prime Minister calmed people saying that "we are over the worst now".

VLADIVOSTOK. December 4. VOSTOK-MEDIA – Yesterday, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has held a national televised question-and-answer session in Moscow. Russians asked for help, increase in wages, creation of new jobs, they lamented official corruption and police abuse. The Prime Minister calmed people saying that “we are over the worst now” and solved problems of those who managed to get through right away during the question-and-answer session. Commenting on the proposal to drop politics Putin stated: “Not in your lifetime”.

According to news website, this is the eighth televised conversation with Vladimir Putin, which he first launched as a President.

The questions of the Russian people were much like those asked at the previous question-and-answer sessions except for “economic downturn” and “international issues” were more frequent. The majority of questions asked related to social problems: child allowance, maternity fund, insurance, retirement benefits, wages so on. People seemed to be indifferent to politics but asked to deal with police and corrupt officials. Nevertheless, the Prime Minister commented on almost all major events and topics of 2009: protest action in Pikalevo, recent developments in AvtoVAZ, Nevsky Express train crash, Sayano-Shushenskaya hydro accident and the Yukos tax case.  

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