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Court Acquits Police Officers which Killed Person by Mistake

5 мая 2009, 11:59Общество
Police officers intruded the wrong apartment

VLADIVOSTOK. April 5. VOSTOK-MEDIA – Legal proceedings in regard to police officers which killed local resident came to end. As the result two lieutenants – Alexey Duks and Ruslan Taziev were acquitted.
Investigation showed that the tragedy occurred in January, 2007. The two policemen came to the house where there was allegedly a ‘hopjoint’. They got mixed up with apartment and intruded to innocent people. The latter took the officers for robbers and tried to escape. In response the police officers opened a fire. One bullet got to stomach of Ruslan Taziev, one of the owners of the apartment. He was dead on arrival to hospital.
During the interrogation the police officers confirmed that the owners of the apartment had tried to commit an assault upon them and that’s why weapon employment may be considered reasonable. Internal investigation turned out to be in favor of the policemen. Though public prosecution department of Republic of Tatarstan found facts of violation of law in the actions of the lieutenants and initiated a criminal case.
The judicial trial ended up by acquisition of police officers.

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