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Sergey Stepashin: “Objects for APEC-2012 Summit will be Constructed in Time”

5 мая 2009, 15:17Общество
Sergey Stepashin together with the governor of Primorskiy Krai visited the summit objects under construction and held a visiting meeting

VLADIVOSTOK. May 5. VOSTOK-MEDIA – The preparing of Vladivostok for hosting APEC-2012 Summit is one of the most important projects of social-economical development of not only Vladivostok, but the whole Far Eastern Federal District. It was stated by Sergey Stepashin, the Chairman of the RF Accounts Chamber , who is on his working visit to Vladivostok at the present time.
The purpose of the visit is to view preparation for the APEC Summit and implementation of the major investment projects.
Sergey Stepashin together with Sergey Darkin, governor of Primorskiy Krai visited the summit objects under construction, held a visiting meeting and inspected construction works on the bridge over the Golden Horn bay and the bridge connecting Russky Island and the continent.
Summing up the results of the visit, the chairman of the Accounts Chamber expressed confidence that all objects will be constructed in time.
Sergey Stepashin also stated that construction of all summit objects will be financed in full scale and intime.

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