Vladivostok, Sakaiminato and Donghae Unite Efforts to Tackle Challenges of Global Financial Crisis

Vladivostok, Sakaiminato and Donghae Unite Efforts to Tackle Challenges of Global Financial Crisis

6 октября 2009, 21:16
Mayors of Vladivostok, Sakaiminato and Donghae signed an agreement on trilateral co-operation between the cities.

VLADIVOSTOK. October 6. VOSTOK-MEDIA – Vladivostok moves to a new level of international cooperation, press-service office of Vladivostok Administration told RIA Vostok-Media.

On Tuesday, the acting mayor of Vladivostok Natalya Voinovskaya, the Mayor of the Japanese city of Sakaiminato Katsuji Nakamura and the Mayor of Donghae (Republic of Korea) Kim Hak-Gi have signed in a formal ceremony a trilateral agreement on the mutually beneficial co-operation. This form of cooperation between municipalities of the three countries has been put into practice for the fist time in the history of the capital of Primorsky Krai.

The Deputy Mayor of Vladivostok Alexander Zubritsky, the Head of Department for International Relations and Tourism of Vladivostok Administration Vyacheslav Kushnarev, Adviser to the Mayor of the city Vladimir Zakharov and the CEO of the Korea-based transport & tourism company DBS Cruise Ferry Tae Young Jung took part in the ceremony.

It is symbolic that Katsuji Nakamura, Kim Hak-Gi and their attendants arrived at Vladivostok aboard the Eastern Dream ferry, which had opened the new international sea route connecting the three neighboring countries in the Asia-Pacific Region – Russia, Japan and the Republic of Korea.

 “The signing of the trilateral agreement,” –stressed Natalya Voynovskaya, -“as well as the launching of the new ferry service go beyond the framework of the development of the mutually beneficial cooperation between the three countries and the three cities in the spheres of economy, tourism and culture and may be seen as our joint effort to tackle challenges of the world financial crisis.”

Mayors of Sakaiminato and Donghae, in their turn, noted that their cities as well as Vladivostok are situated on the different coasts of the Pacific Ocean. But at present, due to the joint agreement, the cities became closer to each other.

It was also noted during the ceremony that Vladivostok is going through a historical period of its development: never before did the city receive such a large volume of investments in such a short period and has never implemented such a great number of unique projects in the preparation for 150-anniversary of foundation of Vladivostok and in the run-up to APEC-2012 Summit. Even today, the capital of Primorsky Krai becomes the center for international co-operation in the Asia-Pacific Region and the joint trilateral agreement serves as a proof of this statement.

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