Amur region is expanding export of electricity

7 марта 2012, 22:09Общество
The contract was signed with China for 25 years

BLAGOVESHCHENSK. March 7. VOSTOK MEDIA - This year Russia will supply China for more than 2 and a half billion kilowatt-hours of electricity. "Eastern Energy Company" has signed a 25-year contract with the "State Grid Corporation of" China.According to the agreement surplus generating capacity will go from the Amur in the neighboring state of already existing lines 110 and 220 kilovolts, as well as the new power transmission line 500. That construction of the line "Amur-Heihe," provides an opportunity to increase the export of energy. Some parts of it in the past year have been tested, one of the last pieces to be put into operation by the end of 2012: construction of the line "Zeya HPP - Amur" still continues. It is planned that during the action of long-term contract Celestial will get out of Russia about 100 billion kilowatt-hours.

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