HIV Awareness Campaign Gains Momentum in Vladivostok

HIV Awareness Campaign Gains Momentum in Vladivostok

7 апреля 2010, 15:45
Organizers are inviting the public to take part in T-Shirt charity auction.

VLADIVOSTOK. April 7. VOSTOK-MEDIA – HIV Awareness campaign continues in Vladivostok.

Organizers are inviting all those wishing to take part in T-Shirt charity auction. Such Vladvostok’s artists as V. Fyodorov, V. Ninazhivin, G. Kungurov, E. Makeyev and U. Zinatulina and Cherdak Forever art studio have already signed up for the event.

HIV Awareness aims at implementing the effective HIV/AIDS prevention program, promoting tolerance toward people who are HIV positive, fighting against discrimination and social stigma attached to HIV infection.

According to estimates of Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) and World Health Organization, at present there are over 60 millions of HIV infected worldwide, 50% of which account for young people below 30. In Primorsky Krai there are 8,200 HIV positive people including 130 children and minors, the largest number of in Russia’s Far East.

The campaign was launched by Vladivostok-based youth organization Life, with financial support from USAID-backed Winrock International, as part of the Leader program. In addition, support comes from Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service, Primorsky Krai Public Organization Coachers’ Union, Far Eastern National University, Vladivostok City Youth Affairs Department, and the U.S. General Consulate in Russia’s Far East.

Organizers say a number of events will be held as part of HIV Awareness campaign: seminars, lectures and charity/fund raising auctions.

T-Shirt charity auction will take place in Underground Theatre on May 14. Organizes are inviting the local authorities, lawmakers, businessmen, senior members of universities and students to take part in the event. The raised funds will be used to buy vitamins and food for babies born to HIV positive mothers.

For further information call Chairman of Life organization Elena Voytovskaya at (4232) 504-816; e-mail: [email protected], OR Natalya Fedyunina at (4232) 40-40-88.

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