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Streets in Vladivostok amuse with its cleanness

7 июля 2008, 16:40Общество
Streets in Vladivostok amuse with its cleanness

July 7. VOSTOK – MEDIA. Municipal services learnt how to maintain cleanness and public peace on the city streets. As RIA “Vostok Media” reports, after a festive celebration of Vladivostok’s 148th anniversary, held on Sunday, the streets accumulated piles of domestic garbage, especially around the city squares and public places. Mostly it is printed advertisements that were distributed by local companies and organizations. It seemed that cleaning of the streets would take several days. But in the Monday’s morning Fokina Street, so-called Vladivostok Arbat, was tidy and neat.
At the first press-conference Igor Pushkarev, mayor of Vladivostok city, stated that in a month city dwellers would see positive changes in managing municipal territories.

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