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Traditional Exhibition of Flowers and Harvest in Khabarovsk

7 июля 2008, 15:54Общество
First request was received by the organizing committee

KHABAROVSK. July 7. VOSTOK – MEDIA. Traditional City Exhibition of Flowers and Harvest will be held in August under the motto: “Khabarovsk – the City of Flowers”. It is held for over 10 years, attracting up to a thousand participating teams and residents of Khabarovsk. This time the exhibition is supposed to be exclusive being held in honor of Khabarovsk’s 150th anniversary and Khabarovsky Krai’s 70th jubilee. Press Service of Mayor’s Office reports that the organizing committee received its first request from the Specialized Home for Children Orphans, representing the Zheleznodorozny destrict of Khabarovsk. This Orphanage is a regular participant and winner of such exhibitions. 4 years ago their team headed by Olga Aleksutina established in their territory a beautiful square with a mountain ash, juniper, decorative lilac and Manchu nuts; people from other neighborhoods come to admire nice and well-tended flowerbeds. Little foster child help adults to look for the green planting; they accustom themselves to labour and solicitous attitude to nature.
Organizations and municipal bodies are active participants in the city exhibitions. Every year workers of the railroad station, airport, medical centers and members of horticultural associations “Vostok” and “Lukoshko” and other teams show amusing expositions to the audience. For example, last year many remembered a “vegetable train” with an eggplant locomotive at the head. Organizers promised to make this year “peculiar” too.
At the organizing meeting designers from the child creativity centres “Voshozhdenie” and “Skazka’ have received a task to make a Zheleznodorozny district presentation. What it will be like is a secret yet, but it is known that a presentation will depict the 70th jubilee of Zheleznodorozny district.