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Should we wait for the appearance of "Hyde Park" for unauthorized meetings in Vladivostok?

8 января 2013, 20:56Общество
The law on "Hyde Park" has already come into force in Moscow.

VLADIVOSTOK. January 8. VOSTOK-MEDIA - Moscow on Monday, January 7, by force of law on the "Hyde Park", which includes the allocation of specific areas where citizens will be able to hold meetings without prior approval from the authorities, reports "Interfax".List seats reserved for the public shares will be determined by a legal act of the Government of Moscow. It is assumed that these areas will be in Gorky Park in "Sokolniki". To organize a public event, will be sufficient to request a special site for three days before the meeting. Despite the entry into force of the law, it will be possible to use the site until spring reported

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