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Public Chamber For Russian Tourists in Suiphunkhe

8 декабря 2008, 15:54Общество
Public Chamber For Russian Tourists in Suiphunkhe

In the Chinese town Suiphunkhe has been opened a public chamber for Russian tourists. There all Russian tourists can acquire complete information about human rights protection, health and security issues.
Initiator of the public chamber is the non-commercial partnership “Tourist Community of International Integration “Way To Eurasia” and Department on International Cooperation and Tourism in Pimorskiy Krai”.
The main goal of the public chamber is advisor’s service for Russian tourist on the territory of China. There tourists can get information about protection of personal rights, health and security issues and etc. Specialists give competent recommendations on behavior in case of conflict with managers of a hotel, overpay or if you lose your tourist group.
Specialists comment that the public chamber will make the service better off and enhance security of tourists.
Officers will help tourist in difficult situations.
The public chamber is opened in the hotel “Suisheng” at the central square.
2004 saw a new public chamber of Primorskiy Krai Administration. However, in 2007 the public chamber was closed. New public chamber has been opened due to assistant of tourist firms and Administration of Primorskiy Krai.

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