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Vladivostok and Odessa to Establish Twin-City Relations

8 декабря 2009, 16:57Общество
Vladivostok and Odessa officials held talks on establishment of twin-city relations between the cities.

VLADIVOSTOK. December 8. VOSTOK-MEDIA – Today December 8, Deputy Mayor of Vladivostok Alexander Zubritsky held a formal meeting with the Consul General of Ukraine in Vladivostok Alexander Danilchenko.

Advisor to Vladivostok Mayor Vladimir Zakharov, Head of Protocol at the Department of Foreign Relations Vitaly Eremenko as well as Vice Consul of the Consulate General of Ukraine in Vladivostok took part in the meeting. The possibility of the establishment of the twin-city relations between Vladivostok and Odessa was the key topic at the meeting.

Alexander Danilchenko, Consul General of Ukraine, stated that the Russian Far East holds a special place in Russia-Ukraine relations. The huge role of the Ukrainians in settlement and development of the Far East of the country is widely recognized. The Ukrainian community is one of the most numerous in the region. That’s why, at the beginning of his tenure as Consul General, Alexander Danilchenko came out with the proposal to establish the twin-city relations between Vladivostok and Odessa. However, the proposal has not been put into effect back then. Some years ago, Russian and Ukrainian authorities considered that there were no economic prerequisites for concluding the twin-city relations.

Alexander Zubritsky, in his turn, stressed that twin-city relations should be based primarily on humanitarian ties and that the availability of such ties between Russian and Ukraine is beyond controversy. Moreover, it is the establishment of the twin-city relations that may act as a catalyst for economic co-operation between the cities. Vladivostok officials have an extensive experience in holding round-tables on prospects for economic collaboration between twin-cities. For example, during the recent round-table meeting Vladivostok businessmen have outlined a number of directions for co-operation with Manta (Ecuador) and Wonsan (North Korea), twin-cities of Vladivstok.

Having received Vladivostok authorities’ consent in principle to establish the twin-city relations between the capital of Primorsky Krai and Odessa, Alexander Danilchenko gave a promise to raise this issue as soon as he gets back home in Odessa. The Consul General noted that Vladivostok is active in establishing twin-city relations, which may certainly open new prospects for cooperation.

Alexander Zubritsky, in his turn, invited the representatives of Ukraine to take part in the celebrations on the occasion of 150-anniversary of Vladivostok in 2010, press-service of Vladivostok Administration reports.

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