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Extremists Condemned in Khabarovsk

9 октября 2008, 15:27Общество
Leaders of the extremist group “Soyuz Russkogo Naroda” were condemned

KHABAROVSK. 8 October. VOSTOK-MEDIA. In Central Regional Court of Justice criminal procedure had been started on case of extremist group “Soyuz Russkogo Naroda”. Leaders of the group Pavel Onoprienko (president) and Viktor Chulkin (press secretary) of the Khabarovsk branch of the “Soyuz” were put into jail. Condemned are blamed for distributing extremist literature on the streets and in churches. Onoprienko and Chulkin were seized while participating in the meeting that they organized at the doorsteps of Khabarovsk Krai Musical Theatre. At the campaign participants cried out anti-semite and anti-governmental watchwords.
These days a case has been sent to the Central Regional Court of Justice. Criminal group does not function any more.
According to Pavel Nehoroshkov, head of the Centre “T” (counterterrorism) of the major Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs at the Far Eastern Federal Region, this region does not represent high rate of extremist crimes and region is in stable confessional conditions. Prevailing number of crimes considered extremist happen in the central part of Russia.
He also reminds that Russia is a multicultural country and every nation holds the same amount and quality of rights and must claim respect to his nationality, culture, traditions and religious views.

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