Primorye police officer has developed a fantastic speed.

11 февраля 2011, 19:28Общество
The crime was solved in minutes: the victim did not even have time to write a statement to the police

 VLADIVOSTOK. February 11. VOSTOK-MEDIA - unbelievable efficiency of worked was showed by Ussurisk policeman.
At around 1 o’clock pm the traffic police, who carried the service on the streets of the city, saw a running man in whose hands was the female purse. Without hesitating, the officer ran after him. He even had time to report the incident on the radio. While continue prosecution continued the crew of DPS was sent to the place of the incident. After 5 minutes the suspect was arrested. He seized the womans purse in which there were papers and a large sum of money. The robber was taken to the police station to ascertain the circumstances.
A few minutes after the arrest a local resident came to the police station, who said that was the victim of a street robbery. According to the applicant, attacker snatched her handbag and fled.

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