Putin is not satisfied with the information he was given

12 марта 2012, 21:12Общество
This is about the top-managers of the largest state-owned companies

VLADIVOSTOK. March 12. VOSTOK MEDIA - The Prime Minister and President-elect Vladimir Putin of Russia was unhappy with the way state-owned companies disclose information about its contractors and managers, and demanded from them for five days to correct the situation, says "Kommersant". In relation to the responsible executives with the rank of "not less than deputy head" in the same term should be "taken", and for concealing information about yourself - "personnel decisions." In addition, the state-owned companies are now required to fully disclose the beneficiaries of all their subsidiaries, and they warn that they will comply with the premiere of a new order is no less zeal than the former, but informally talk about the meaninglessness of everything that happens, says the publication.

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