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Doctors of the World to Train Yakut Chum-Workers

13 марта 2008, 21:23Общество
Representatives of the organization Doctors of the World arrived in the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic.

Representatives of the humanitarian aid organization Doctors of the World also known as Médecins du monde (MDM) arrived in Yakutia to train local ‘chum-workers’ (‘chum’ – Yakut name for ‘tent’) in rendering the first predoctor care. The group of the specialists includes an MDM expert Rober Alon and his two assistants, Sakha News reports.
Officials of the Yakutia Health Care Ministry say the purpose of the French specialists’ visit to Yakutia is to teach chum-workers the methods of rendering the first medical aid including birth delivery.
The doctors already arrived in Yakutia and went to reindeer flocks where chum-workers work. The course of study will take ten days.

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