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Japan: Give Up or Not Give Up?

13 октября 2008, 14:47Общество
Probably, disputable and unpopular decision to exclude North Korea from the rogue states list of the U.S. passed in favour of Russia

VLADIVOSTOK. 13 October. VOSTOK-MEDIA. Japan expressed regret considering the U.S. excluding North Korea from the rogue states while there was no progress on denuclearization and kidnapping issues.
Though, Japan does not welcome the taken decision, it says that the decision is based on American laws and opinions of other countries are taken into consideration. Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Hirofumi Nakasone and State Secretary of the USA Condoleezza Rice came to a common decision that it is necessary to create frameworks on the condition of verification of North Korean declaration on nuclear capabilities.
Relatives of the kidnapped Japanese said they felt betrayed after Japan supported the U.S. decision and Secretary Teruaki Masumoto, the representative of relatives, noticed also that perspective of curbing a problem now fainted.
As some specialists say, such a decision was taken in favour of Russia which is considered a long-term ally to North Korea and now putting more and more military and political pressure on the U.S. enlarging Russian military capabilities at the borders with its neighbours.