Drugs in public pharmacies in Khabarovsk Territory are more expensive than commercial ones

13 декабря 2011, 21:02Общество
Marketing policy of the state pharmacy chain had to be revised

KHABAROVSK.  December 13. VOSTOK MEDIA - Following numerous requests of citizens to the governor in Primorye of the inflated cost of medicines in the pharmacy network of state, the regional Ministry of Health reviewed the activities HKGUP "Pharmacy" to curb price increases.

According to the ministry, the mechanism of formation of the retail price of drugs is carried out within the framework of existing federal and regional legislation. At the same time as the deputy health minister Yevgeny Goncharov  the former leadership of the company led the unsustainable marketing policy: until recently, "Pharmacy" has worked with a wholesaler who supplied drugs to the pharmacy network for high prices.

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