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Tigers Fight for Space in Primorsky Krai

14 марта 2008, 21:50Общество
Uncontrolled forest cutting leads to the urgent situation.

March 14. VOSTOK MEDIA – The reduction of tiger habitat due to the uncontrolled forest cutting can lead to fights between the animals who compete for hunting areas.
The Amur branch of WWF Russia told Vostok Media the last scene of fight was found on March 6. Many tiger traces, shreds of fur and fresh blood on snow proved the recent battle between two giant cats. The body of a killed tiger was found not far from the scene. Human traces were not seen. The report about the tigers’ clash was simultaneously submitted to the Special Inspection ‘Tiger’.
Soon the inspectors arrived at the scene to clear up the situation and take the dead tiger’s body. They were quite amused when saw the winner tiger that came to eat its victim. The tiger wasn’t even scared by the men and moved the killed competitor deep into the forest.
The inspectors measured the traces of the animals and made an assumption that the young killed tiger which traces were 8.5 cm long entered the area of the older tiger (trace length – 11.5 cm). This case again proves that the uncontrolled forest cutting lead to the reduction of tigers habitat.

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