Building collapsed in Vladivostok on Rudnev street was gathered from pieces

14 октября 2011, 18:50Общество
Metal plates are used to strengthen the remaining part of the building

VLADIVOSTOK. On October 14. EAST MEDIA - Vladivostok restore the collapsed house in Rudnev, 5. Technology used to strengthen the walls with metal plates and chemical anchors was chosen by experts to restore the surviving parts of the house. Metal plates, in which a special chemical composition is "put" on the anchor, surrounds the house on the perimeter.
Connection with chemical anchors is firm and secure. This fixture exceeds the strength of most metals and can hold a large load weighing several tons. Chemical anchors are used to attach materials such as brick, stone, concrete, aerated concrete and steel. Application of chemical anchors may even be used under water.

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