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Russia Cooperates with China on Creation of Natural Reserve

15 апреля 2009, 14:34Общество
Work experience of the two countries on solving the cross-border cooperation issues was discussed at the session of the International Working Group

VLADIVOSTOK. April 15. VOSTOK-MEDIA – The third session of the International Working group on issues concerning cross-border specially protected natural areas and preservation of biological diversity took place in Chinese city Chengdu on April 9-10.
The most delicate subject of the session was the issue regarding Far Eastern leopard. On December last year the Government of the Russian Federation already created the united specially protected natural area (SPNA) comprising of reserved areas ‘Kedrovaya Pad’’ and ‘Leopardovyy’. But this SPNA do not solve the issue of saving of the population of the rare beast because its area is suited only for 30-40 leopards. And there is no other place for leopards to live in Russia. But the reserve borders with the Chinese natural reserve ‘HunChun’. The next step in protection of the Far Eastern leopard that is in the Red List of Threatened Species should be creation of cross-border reserve. Thus habitation area will be increased twice as much and it will give leopard population a chance to survive.
The Chinese delegation has already agreed with proposal of the Russian delegation to commence negotiations on creation of the cross-border natural reserve.