Adolescents in the Primorye met on the road with the wolves nose to nose

16 февраля 2011, 23:18Общество
It was Saved only by the boys luck

VLADIVOSTOK. February 16. VOSTOK-MEDIA - Amazing incident occurred in Khorol area: in broad daylight two teenagers were nearly eaten by wolves.
The children walked along a country road to a disco in the village in the neighboring Lukashevka Popovka. Suddenly, one of the teens saw that they were being chased by two big gray beast. The boys thought it was a dog and began to drive away the predators switch. However, wolves do not want to leave the prey and continued to harass children.
Salvation came unexpectedly: by driving a car bailiff OUPDS Sergey Sergeyev. Seeing that kids were pursued by predators, representative of the law hastened to their aid. After a few rounds from a hunting rifle into the air, he scared wolves, and drove the children to the village.

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