Chinese Public-Health Experts to Deliver Medical Care in Khabarovsk

Chinese Public-Health Experts to Deliver Medical Care in Khabarovsk

16 июля 2009, 17:21
Professors of Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine will treat Russian patients

KHABAROVSK. July 16. VOSTOK-MEDIA – A meeting between Deputy Mayor Valery Kazachenko and delegation of health professionals from Harbin (China) held in Administration of Khabarovsk city. The delegation consisting of three professors of Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine arrived with the aim to get a closer look at organization of the public health service in the city and activities of the City Hospital 10, Specialized Medical Assistance Center. In June this year, Chief Executive of the hospital Vera Yukhno and the first pro-rector of Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine Sun Zhongzheng signed a declaration of intentions. This document is aimed at assistance in carrying out scholar exchange programmes and deepening of bilateral co-operation in the sphere of Chinese Medicine. The signing of the document took place in the framework of measures carried out by the International Committee for Cooperation between the cities of Khabarovsk and Harbin that has been operating since 2005.

The press-service of the citys administration has issued a statement reminding that it has been 16 years since the twin-city relationship was established between our cities however it was the Committee’s contribution that helped activate relations between the sectoral departments of the municipalities and broaden the scope of cooperation.

Prospects of cooperation between health professionals of our cities were discussed at a meeting with Valery Kzachenko, Head of the Russian side to the Commitee. Under the letter of intent between the University of Chinese Medicine and Khabarovsk Hospital No 10, item No 1 on the joint work program shall be an effort to ensure that the Chinese medical experts contribute on the basis of the self-supporting unit in the Khabarovsk Hospital providing medical consultation.

Today the regional municipal health care institutions are enhancing their services on a fee-paying basis, strongly-sought for by residents of the city. The volume of the services totaled 280 mln. rubles for the last year alone. And Oriental Medicine skilled specialists that received education in China may render assistance in rehabilitation of patients with diseases of musculoskeletal system as well as with neurological diseases, infantile cerebral paralysis and in recovering from heavy injuries and apoplectic attack. Health professionals of Harbin University attained good results in treating these diseases.

During their visit to Khabarovsk, the Chinese guests visited almost all departments of Khabarovsk Hospital No 10 and planned meetings with health department authorities of Khabarovsk Administration, University of Medicine and Center for Eye Microsurgery.

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