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RF Security Agencies to Perlustrate Private Correspondence of Russian Citizens

17 июля 2009, 16:19Общество
The decree comes into effect on July 21

VLADIVOSTOK. July 17. VOSTOK-MEDIA – Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation has issued a decree enabling security agencies to perlustrate letters, parcels, letter packets and other postal items sent by citizens. Moreover, the document contains no indication as to necessity of an appropriate decision of a court.
From now on, authorized agencies may direct all inquiries about mail services and sender data. “Control over the use of mails is carried out during processing of the letters in the networks of a mail services operator. To maintain control in the in the postal services network, postal items will be sent to interactive unit of the authorized agency. While transferring postal items contained in packages (mailsacks, boxes and the like), used by postal service operator, a free access to such postal items should be provided”, - the document states. Moreover the authorized agencies may withdraw a letter or parcel, if needed.
To facilitate mail perlustration for special agencies RF Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications obliges post offices to provide special rooms for competent authorities.
Siloviki are given a full access to electronic database of a postal office - name, address and content. The decree comes into effect on July 21.

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