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State Design Institute to be Constructed in Primorsky Krai – Sergey Darkin

17 августа 2009, 14:37Общество
The project provides for construction of hotels, conference-centers, transportation infrastructure and municipal facilities

VLADIVOSTOK. August 17. VOSTOK-MEDIA - State Design Institute engaged in large-scale construction projects will be constructed in Primorsky Krai, stated Sergey Darkin, Governor of Primorsky Krai, at the meeting with lecturers, postgraduate and students of the Far Eastern National Technical University (FENTU).
At the meeting the Governor told about the state policy in terms of project development and those large-scale construction works that are being carried out in Primorsky Krai within preparation for APEC-2012 Summit. “The regional center needs to change its exterior radically, which will not only give the heads of the states-APEC members the opportunity to hold the summit, but also turn the city into the center of international co-operation in the Asia-Pacific region,” – stressed Sergey Darkin. The project provides for construction of hotels, conference-centers, transportation infrastructure and municipal facilities.
The Governor stated that the Moscow-based engineering companies are involved in the majority of the construction projects in preparation for the APEC-2012 summit and development of Vladivostok. Design engineers from Primorsky Krai are proposing too complicated architectural concepts, which make the project more costly and drag out the construction to a great length. Therefore it is necessary to change the education system for soon-to-be design engineers and architects.
According to Sergey Darkin, students in Architecture and Design should have more hands-on training, where they could consider the construction projects implemented in Primorsky Krai. “It is necessary for students to learn to design on a level with the highest world standards with the application of the state-of-the-art technologies,” – stated the Governor. To achieve this aim we will launch students exchange programmes and establish cooperation with foreign teachers.
Currently small enterprises are being created under Universities as part of the federal programme. Sergey Darkin proposed to create such an enterprise under FENTU. According to the Governor, the enterprise will enable students to implement some of their ideas into practice and offer innovations in the areas of architecture and design.
Primorsky Krai students are distinguished by great creative activity; they often participate in various competitions. “It is vital for students to assert themselves at the best construction sites as well as to take active part in the everyday life of the region, because they will not only construct buildings, but create the environment. We should not only to provide high incomes, good job opportunities and education in the region but also to make cities comfortable to work and live in,” – stressed the Governor.

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