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Elton John is a friend, comrade and brother to Russian gays

17 сентября 2013, 20:49Общество
British sir will not cancel a concert in Moscow because of the "antigay law

Vladivostok. September 17. VOSTOK-MEDIA - Elton John said he was not going to leave Russian gays in trouble and will come to Moscow with a concert to support them. According to his words, it will be easy for him to cancel the impending action in protest at Russia adopting the law banning gay propaganda. But this, he said, will only lead to the isolation of representatives of the Russian LGBT community. "As a gay man, I can not leave these people alone. I have to go. And I have to think very hard about what to say- said Elton John. His concert will be held on December 6 in Moscow Hall "Crocus City Hall", writes