Rolph Gobits’ ‘Traveling Entertainers’ Exhibit to be Staged in Vladivostok

18 октября 2010, 15:21Общество
A one-man exhibit by internationally acclaimed photographer Rolph Gobits is set to open at the Arka Art Gallery on October 27.

VLADIVOSTOK. October 18. VOSTOK-MEDIA – The ‘Traveling Entertainers’ one-man exhibit by London-based photographer Rolph Gobits is set to open at the Arka Art Gallery on October 27. The two-week exhibit will feature photo portraits of show people. On October 22, an auction of Rolph Gobits’ works will be held at the La Strada restaurant. The money raised at the auction will go to charity.

This is not the first time the Arka Art Gallery stages an exhibition of an internationally acclaimed photographer. Rolph Gobits is a co-founder of Lensmodern, a major stock-photography site. Lensmodern was founded four years ago together with world’s foremost photographers. Rolph Gobits, however, is a staunch supporter of traditional techniques in photography: wide slide and a classic camera with high end lenses. He uses a Leica M6. It was not until the last year that his customers talked him into buying a digital camera. He also works with a Linhof camera, which he used in the “Traveling Entertainers” series.

The exhibit will feature photographs from the ‘Traveling Entertainers’’ series, which has been compiled for the past 30 years, as well as pictures of Vladivostok.

Rolph Gobits is a graduate of The Royal College of Art in London and winner of many awards. His name can be found in “People of Today”, the reference book for the most important people in the United Kingdom.

Some of his client are: Jean Muir, Joan Osborne, Jenny Saville, Lee Hooker, Lord Foster, Damien Hirst; such companies as Apple, Hyatt Hotels, Marriott Hotels, Sothebys, Lloyds Bank, BMW, Merсedes Benz, Volkswagen, Chrysler, British Airways, Canada Airways, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Miele, Levis, Carl F.Bucherer, American Express, Evian, Bacardi, Jameson.

Rolph Gobits’ works can be found at:;

Contact Yulia Klimenko, Rolph Gobits’ spokeswoman in the Russian Far East, at [email protected]

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