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Aeroflot to Merge Vladivsotok Avia

20 марта 2008, 21:44Общество
Establishment of the unified Far Eastern air company is impossible without Vladivostok Avia.

The Aeroflot air company finds no sense in creation its affiliate in the Far East without including Vladivostok Avia in it, Valery Okulov, Director General of Aeroflot Airlines, said.
Aeroflot plans to establish an affiliate air company on the base of Vladivostok Avia, DalAvia and SAT Sakhalin Airlines. The State Corporation Rostekhnologii (Russian Technologies) plans to purchase the state share holdings of Vladivostok Avia as well. Okulov stressed that the project of the Far Eastern air company has a sense only under unification of all three major air companies. The project loses its sense without Vladivostok Avia.
The Aeroflot director general said that the Russian Far East “needs a mighty air carrier” as passenger transportation in this region grows much faster than in the European Russia.

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