11 days left before the New Years, a time to buy a tree, but..

20 декабря 2010, 12:40Общество
Vladivostok Christmas trees are three times more expensive than in Moscow

VLADIVOSTOK. December 20. VOSTOK-MEDIA – 11 days remain before New Year -the time to buy a live Christmas tree. True, many citizens of the dream of living tree that fills the apartment with unique holiday flavor, would have to give. This winter, not all can afford this beautiful forest.

Officially Christmas bazaars in Vladivostok were opened only today, but, in fact, sales of New Year trees on city streets began from the middle of last week. Already you can buy a spruce in each district of the city. Especially a lot of vendors are seen RIA"Vostok-Media" in the second stream in the direction of the bus station, on Balyaeva and at the First River. Trees are traded directly from trucks.

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