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Sea-Water Fuel?

21 ноября 2008, 18:52Общество
One liter of bio fuel will cost not more than 13 rubles

VLADIVOSTOK. 21 November. VOSTOK-MEDIA. Specialist from the research centre “AKMAS” worked up a method of receiving fuel out of sea water.
Valeriy Tsimbalenko is the Director of the research centre. He says:”Now, everybody is talking about bio fuel. Europe makes it of rape or wheat, America uses maize and the South Asia takes rice. But these substances are going to grow in price in the nearest future. Authorities are planning to construct a factory to produce fuel out of soy beans and process more than 40 thousand tones a year.
We propose the other way. We live at the sea and can use marine natural resources such as cyanobacteriae. Our specialists have worked out a substance that positively effects the bacteria and makes them grow”.
“Cyanobacterie burn instead of the water or diesel. We add 70% of sea water in our substance, components mix, and the substance burns. This new kind of substance does not require any technical circumstance and can be used in house and public utilities”. Valeriy Tsimbalenko thinks that sea water costs almost nothing and is not expected to rise in price.
“Prime cost is 3 rubles and the total price is around 13 rubles. And the price is not expected to rise comparing to our contenders, producers of petrol. We displaced our product at the III International Ecological Exhibition that took place on November, 13-14. The Governor of Primorskiy Krai said the price was ridiculous. But we work for people, not just the governor. We are going to develop our know-how”.

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