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Russia Becomes Second by Immigrant Flow

24 марта 2008, 22:34Общество
Russia Becomes Second by Immigrant Flow

March 24. VOSTOK MEDIA – Russia occupies the first place in the Eastern Hemisphere by the flow of immigrants. Only the United States exceeds Russia in its immigrant flow. This information was released by the World Bank in its annual review Migration and Remittances, reports.
According to the review more than 12 million immigrants arrive in Russia every year. Their major part (11 mln) returns back home the same year but 1 million stays in Russia.
The World Bank says, Russia firmly occupies the second place in the list of the greatest migration corridors that include the routes: Mexico-USA, Russia-Ukraine, Ukraine-Russia, Bangladesh-India, Turkey-Germany, Kazakhstan-Russia and Russia-Kazakhstan. Nearly 10.3 mln of migrants go the route Mexico-USA, the routes Russia-Ukraine and Russia-Kazakhstan are followed by a total sum of 12.8 mln immigrants. A large number of guest workers also come from Belarus and Uzbekistan. The countries like Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan or Azerbaijan have lost up to one third of their working population.
The guest workers annually send over $11.4 billion to their homes. Economies of a number of CIS states exist only due to money transfers from Russia. For example, the share of immigrants’ remittances account for more than one third of the GDP of Tajikistan and Moldova and 27% of the GDP of Kyrgyzstan.

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